A Green Chrismas

2018-06-28 09:35:44 47

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Some people are resisting the switch from old-style, torpedo-shaped Christmas lights to energy-efficient bulbs for their holiday decorations.

The old two-inch, 9-watt incandescent bulbs may be the gas guzzlers of holiday lights, but they remain a holiday staple in homes nationwide. Many people are not willing to trade the chubby, colorful halo effect for the softer glow of a light-emitting diode, or LED.

And as retailers increasingly stock the new bulbs, lovers of the classic lights are scrambling to find them, fearing they will soon disappear from shelves for good.

Steven Walls of Norman, Okla. says he visited eight stores before finding any replacements for the bulbs that burned out last year. He says the new bulbs don't match.